Tijdelijke optionele regeling voor algemene vergaderingen door COVID-19

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The general shareholders’ meeting in 2020: what should you be aware of?

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Het financieel plan voor vennootschappen: wat is nieuw?

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Policy Statement

STUYTS ACCOUNTING SERVICES BV's ambition is to position itself as a dynamic and professional accounting firm.

The management is committed to meeting the ISO 9001:2015 standards and to continuously improving their efficiency, while complying with both customer requirements and laws and regulations.

Our quality policy is based on the following principles:

Our target group is business leaders who set high store by ethics in entrepreneurship;

Our aim is to assist our clients in drafting both interim and annual results and to provide advice for the future on that basis;

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in the field of accountancy and tax law and to be proactive wherever we can;

The clients' interests always prevail, come what may.

For its associates and staff, our firm has adopted a rigorous training policy by organising internal seminars and external courses at training centres, professional organisations, ... The library is also constantly being updated with reference books and several periodic newsletters.

In the area of automation, we try to keep up with the latest technologies and programs which can help us optimise our performance and services to the clients.

Our quality policy is translated into specific objectives that are regularly evaluated, adjusted and tailored to our staff, as and when necessary.