Corporate and personal income tax

Companies are our core business. An essential feature of our approach is a thorough knowledge of corporation tax in all its facets. An in-depth quarterly or monthly report is essential for taking tax-related decisions. A selection of the many questions from our clients:
- What is notional interest deduction?
- Will my capital gains be taxed immediately or can I spread them in time?
- Am I entitled to surface right, leasehold or usufruct for the acquisition of a property?
- Is an asset management company still beneficial?
- ...
At the request of clients and financial institutions, we organise seminars on a regular basis.

Personal income tax

The personal income tax return is becoming increasingly more difficult to complete. A record number of codes on the form drives many to despair. We are here to help the self-employed, mainly business managers and professionals, wade through the vast red tape surrounding personal income, always with due consideration for the impact on the company. Some aspects:
- What are the effects of the progressive rates in personal income tax?
- Am I entitled to discounts for environmentally-friendly investments?
- Are my gains taxed on property or shares?
- ...


Even though every company deals with VAT on a daily basis, VAT legislation can be complex and is very rigorous.  From formal requirements for your invoices right through to evidence for intra-Community transport or exports, VAT is certainly not straightforward. Moreover, the penalties for incorrectly applying VAT legislation are high. Some of the many questions which may arise in this respect are:
- Can I sell my property with VAT?
- What forms should I complete to prove exports?
- I perform services at home and abroad, which rates apply?
- Can I buy a car under the margin scheme?
- ...

Inheritance and registration fees

"Nothing is certain but death and taxes". Proper estate planning is, therefore, key to every diligent administrator, especially the one who runs a business.  Typical laments when donating capital, in the form of a company or property, while maintaining control, require a customised approach. This is where we come in: we offer a tailored service based on an individual study and meetings. Typical questions include:
- How much inheritance tax will my heirs be due?
- How do I pass on property to the next generation?
- How can I disinherit, or favour, someone?
- Can I pass on my company to the next generation without paying inheritance tax?
- How can I make a bank donation / handsel?
- ...

Registration fees

Even though property is at the forefront of anyone's mind where registration fees (stamp duty) are concerned, a registration requirement also applies to other documents. The impact of the registration fee can be quite substantial, in fact. Just think of the typical 10% stamp duty when you buy property. Yet, registration fees often result in practical questions:
- I have to sell suddenly, can I still recoup the stamp duty of my original purchase?
- Should I have my lease registered?
- Can I have any document registered, and what is the cost involved?
- ...


The world progresses at an ever-increasing pace and Belgian companies moved away from the proverbial church tower a long time ago. In a globalizing world, tax problems inevitably arise:
- What costs should I pass on to my foreign subsidiaries?
- What is the best way of attaining a property abroad?
- ...


An important time of year for any entrepreneur is the tax audit. Assistance at every stage of the procedure is, therefore, essential. This ranges from defending the case before the relevant inspectors right through to responding to notices of change and submitting statements of objection. Frequently asked questions include:
- What are the documents to which the inspector has access?
- My conflict with the tax authorities seems unresolvable, what can I do?
- ...