The value and price of your company

The value of your company is dependent on both its assets and its performance. After all, the assets of your company each have their own value, but these are often cancelled out by debts. In addition, capital gains are sometimes present, although they do not appear in the accounts. Also, a buyer will look at the performance of your business, in other words, how much EBITDA, profit or cash flow your company generates, hoping he can square his acquisition in a reasonable time.
The value of a company is the result of the game between buyer and seller, the laws of supply and demand and can, therefore, differ substantially from the calculated value of the company.

Handing over a company

Handing over of an enterprise is a long process which, in addition to negotiations with the potential buyer, also involve thorough tax and legal analyses. Assistance every step of the way is necessary, therefore. Stuyts Accounting Services has been able to rely on legal top talents for many years to guarantee a smooth transition. Moreover, depending on the type of acquisition, whether it is an acquisition of shares or acquisition of business assets, a completely different tax and financial analysis is made, so that you know exactly what you will be left with after the acquisition.

Taking over a company

Taking over a company is a process which should be well-thought-through. A thorough preliminary study is always necessary. All too often, we have seen instances where the illustrious "skeletons in the closet" come tumbling out, with devastating consequences for the client. The right price and the right safeguards, pertaining to both the performance of the company and the tax issues, must be determined. Stuyts Accounting Services provides assistance from the first meeting to the signing of the take-over agreement and the settlement afterwards. Keywords like feasibility studies, due diligence, safeguard clauses, conditions precedent ... are terms that will no longer sound strange after a takeover process. Moreover, as with the handing over of the company, the type of acquisition is taken into account, be it franchising or the acquisition of all the shares.