Conditions of use for the website

Conditions of use

1. Field of applicability
1.1. The website ("Website") is made available for use by STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX bv, with registered company premises at Koningin Astridlaan 2A, 8200 Bruges, under company number 0405.272.631.

1.2. The current conditions of use for the Website ("Conditions of Use"), together with any other conditions to which reference is specifically made (such as the ”Privacy Declaration” and the ”Cookie Declaration”), provide you with relevant information about STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX and about the conditions and the manner in which you can use the Website. Please take the time to read these documents, since their provisions may be of importance to you.

1.3. By using the Website, you explicitly agree with the “Conditions of Use”. If, when reading the Conditions of Use you find something to which you cannot agree, may we please ask you not to make any further use of the Website.

2. Purpose and content of the Website
2.1. The Website provides information about the services and offers of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX. Company information about STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX is also provided. In addition, the Website can also contain information about a variety of other different subjects, such as legal and financial regulations.

2.2. However, STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX does not guarantee in any way that this or any other information will be kept available or made available and STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX reserves the right to amend, change or supplement the content of the Website as the company sees fit, without prior warning or notification.

3. Your use of the Website
3.1. The User agrees to use the Website for personal, non-commercial uses only and in accordance with all the legislation applicable to website Users.

3.2. The User agrees not to use any viruses, "deep link", "robot", or other harmful automatic or other systems to gain access to the Website or to reproduce or influence parts of the Website in any way whatsoever. Equally, the User agrees not to test the vulnerability of the Website or any other network connected to the Website, nor shall the User undertake any action that leads to a disproportionally large amount of content on the Website or any of its related networks, in order to create, for example, a "Denial of Service". In general terms, the User agrees not to manipulate the Website in any way.

3.3. Where the Website offers the possibility to upload content, the User agrees to follow the applicable rules and regulations, bearing in mind the general principles of good taste and decency.

4. Liability
4.1. STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX can in no case and under no circumstances be held accountable for direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of the Website, including (but not limited to) damage caused by the provision of incorrect information and all losses or damage to data on the computer of the User.

4.2. Notwithstanding all efforts to the contrary, the provision of internet services can never be completely free from possible security risks. For this reason, STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX cannot be held responsible for breaches of confidence relating to User details; for example, when the Website, the servers of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX or the communication between the Website and servers of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX are attacked by third parties.

4.3. STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX does not guarantee the proper working of the Website at all times and therefore cannot be held in any way accountable for its possible poor performance or temporary (un)availability, or for any kind of damage, direct or otherwise, which results from access to or use of the Website.

4.4. This clause in no way obviates or negates the compulsory legal provisions that make stipulations to the contrary or in the event of intentional acts by STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX.

5. Intellectual property
5.1. Every reproduction, public notification or reuse of the Website or any part thereof, including the text, images, interface elements and information of any kind, is forbidden except with the explicit and prior written permission of STUYTS ACCOUNTING& TAX. In some instances, the intellectual property rights relating to these items may rest in the hands of third parties, in which case the relevant prior written permission must be obtained from them.

6. Amendments
6.1. STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use at all times. It is your responsibility as User to ensure that you familiarize yourself with the Conditions of Use currently applicable each time you make use of the Website. These Conditions of Use were last amended in June 2016.

6.2. Any new information on the website is automatically subject to these Conditions of Use.

7. Links
7.1. The Website may contain hyperlinks and other mechanisms that refer to content that is offered by some other third party. Such content is not under the control of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX, so that the company cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from its use, nor does the presence of any such reference mean that STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX necessarily agrees with the content that is made available to Users as a result of following the aforementioned reference.

8. Processing of personal details and cookies
8.1. We will only process your personal details in accordance with the provisions of our Privacy Declaration. Please read this declaration carefully, since it contains information that is important for the User.

8.2. The Website also makes use of cookies. More information on this subject can be found in our Cookie Declaration.

9. Invalidation of provisions
9.1. If a court or any other competent authority judges that one of the provisions in these Conditions of Use is not applicable or is legally invalid, all the other provisions will nonetheless remain in force. The inapplicable or illegal provision will be replaced by a revised provision that reflects as closely as possible the original intention of both parties, and is both applicable and legal.

10. Waiving of rights
10.1. If STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX chooses not to exercise or not to immediately exercise certain rights granted to the company by law or as result of the contractual provisions applicable to the User, this non-exercising does not in any way mean that STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX waives the rights in question and therefore retains, within the limitations set by law, the possibility to exercise these same rights at a later stage.

11. Disputes, applicable law and competent courts
11.1. These Conditions of Use are subject to Belgian law and will be interpreted in accordance with its provisions. If a dispute cannot be settled by mutual agreement, the only courts competent to settle the dispute are those in the legal district of Dendermonde, without prejudice to any other compulsory regulations.

Privacy Declaration

1. General
1.1. The website ("Website") is made available for use by STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX bv, with registered company premises at Koningin Astridlaan 2A, 8200 Bruges, under company number 0405.272.631.

1.2. We take the protection of personal information very seriously. We guarantee the appropriate protection of your personal details. In this respect, we base our actions on the provisions of the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of personal privacy, as it relates to the processing of personal details (Privacy Law)

1.3. The current privacy declaration for the Website ("Privacy Declaration"), which should be read in conjunction with the other conditions applicable to the Website, such as the “Conditions of Use” and the “Cookie Declaration”, gives information about the conditions and the way in which STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX will collect, store and process the personal details it receives via the Website. Please take the time to read these documents carefully, since they contain information that may be important to you.

1.4. By using the Website, you automatically and explicitly agree to the provisions of this Privacy Declaration. If, when reading the Privacy Declaration, you find something to which you cannot agree, may we please ask you not to make any further use of the Website.

2. What do we do with your information?
2.1. The information that you have voluntarily provided to us through use of the Website is only processed for internal use and for the specified purposes. The personal details we receive will not be communicated to any other third party under any circumstances. The details will not be retained for longer than is necessary to realize the purposes for which the details are collected.

2.2. Where you have given permission to STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX to use your details for direct marketing purpose (for example, by registration for the distribution of the newsletter), your details will, of course, be STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX at all times of your wish to terminate this use by contacting us at the contact address given below. In no instance will your details relevant to our direct marketing activities be forwarded to any third party.

3. When do we process or use your personal details?
3.1. The personal details we receive, including those that you have voluntarily provided (for example, name, e-mail address, address, telephone number, etc.) are only used for the purposes for which you have given permission. In order to process your requests, orders and other uses of our services, we sometimes need to involve third parties. These third parties can only use the submitted personal details for the implementation of the specific task with which they are charged and may not use them for any other purpose. When implementing this specific task, they are also required to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Law.

4. What options do I have to object to the storage of my personal details?
4.1. You have the right to request free of charge information about the processing of your personal details. In accordance with the applicable legal provisions, you also have the right to amend your personal details, if they are inaccurate or no longer up to date. In addition, in compliance with article 10 of the Privacy Law, you can also have your personal details removed or forbid their use, if they are incomplete or irrelevant to the purpose of the processing concerned.

5. What are cookies and how are they used?
5.1. We make use of so-called cookies on our Website. A cookie is a small file that is sent by the website owner to the hard disc of the website User, where it is stored. The cookie records the address of the visited site, as well as other details relating to the site visit, which allows us to compile certain statistics. For further information about the use of cookies, please see our “Cookie Declaration”.

6. Links to other websites
6.1. Our Website contains links to other websites. This Privacy Declaration is only valid for our Website. When visiting other websites, we advise you to consult the data protection provisions contained in those websites.

6.2. We are not responsible for the content of the websites to which you are referred via links in our Website, nor can it be assumed that we are in agreement with the content of the websites visited via these links. As far as referrals to other websites is concerned, STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX can only be held responsible if it has prior knowledge of content on the linked websites that is unlawful or criminal and if its technically possible to prevent the referral.

7. Amendments
7.1. STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX reserves the right to amend this Privacy Declaration at all times. It is your responsibility as User to ensure that you regularly familiarize yourself with the Privacy Declaration currently applicable each time you make use of the Website. This Privacy Declaration was last amended and revised in June 2016.

8. Do you have any other questions?
8.1. If you have any other questions about the use and processing of your personal details, you can contact Kris Jonckheere.

You can also send an e-mail to the special e-mail address for this purpose: admin@stuytsbrugge.be.

The Cookie Declaration

1. General
1.1. This cookie declaration ("Cookie Declaration") is applicable to the website ("Website") operated by STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX bv, with registered premises at Koningin Astridlaan 2A, 8200 Bruges, under company number 0405.272.631

1.2. The Cookie Declaration explains which cookies are used when you make use of the Website. At the top of the Website, you will be invited to agree to the use of cookies as detailed in this declaration. If you do not agree with the provisions of the Cookie Declaration, you should immediately stop using the Website.

1.3. The use of cookies by STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX forms part of the general policy of STUYTS ACCOUNTING SERVICES with regard to the protection of your privacy and the processing of your personal details. Further information and a summary of your rights in this respect can be found in our “Privacy Declaration”. (*hyperlink*)

1.4. The conditions to which your use of the Website is subject can be found in our Conditions of Use. (*hyperlink*)

2. What are cookies?
2.1. "Cookies" are small files that are uploaded onto your computer when you visit web pages. They contain information, linked to a web browser and the specific website. Cookies consist of two separate elements: the name and the content. They are stored in a specific folder on your hard disc and have a unique ID and run time. If you return to a certain website, the cookie allows the page to recognize and identify the User, so that a site visit record can be built up. Some cookies are automatically removed when you leave the website. Others remain stored on your computer unless you remove them yourself.

2.2. Cookies are not active or implementing software and, consequently, are not harmful for your computer. They are not always of a commercial nature. Cookies are used to improve ease of use for visitors to the website. By allowing the visitor to be recognized, cookies avoid the need to input the same basic information (for example, log in details, display settings, etc.) each time the site is visited by the same User. In addition, cookies are used to chart the surfing behaviour of visitors: how many pages are visited, which pages, via which route and how long did the visitor stay, etc.? This information allows the website to be amended to better suit the needs and interests of its visitors.

3. What kinds of cookies are used on the Website of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX?

The Website of STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX uses different kinds of cookies. A summary of the different kinds currently in use is as follows:

Necessary cookies
These cookies are essential for visits to and the use of certain parts of the Website. The cookies make it possible, for example, to navigate between different sections of the Website or to fill in certain forms. If you refuse to accept cookies, some parts of the Website will not work optimally, if at all.

Functional cookies
Functional cookies are cookies that facilitate the operation of the website and make it more pleasant to visit, so that individual Users are given a more personalized surfing experience. For example, cookies register your language preference and whether or not you have already been asked to take part in a survey, so that these matters do not need to be repeated.

Performing cookies
These are cookies whose task is to collect information about how visitors use the Website; for example, information about pages visited or the number of error messages. This allows use of the Website to be analyzed, so that it can be amended and improved.
4. Management of cookies
4.1. You can manage the cookies on your computer by adjusting your browser settings. This makes it possible for you to block all cookies or to accept cookies only from certain websites. The blocking of cookies may have consequences for your surfing ease and pleasure.

4.2. The following paragraphs contain a summary of the options offered by your browser for the management of cookies.
  Google Chrome. Open your browser. Click on the Chrome menu and choose 'settings'. Click on 'display advanced settings' and then on the option 'settings for content' under the heading 'privacy'. The option 'cookies' allows you to change your cookie settings or to remove cookies.

  Internet Explorer. Open your browser. Click on 'tools/extra' and then on 'internet options'. Click on 'privacy' and choose your desired level, using the slider. You can also adjust the settings manually by clicking on 'advanced'. A distinction is made between permanent direct cookies (first party cookies), permanent indirect cookies (third party cookies) and temporary cookies (session cookies). Cookies can be removed via the main screen of 'internet options'.

  Mozilla Firefox. Open your browser. Click on the menu button and choose first 'options' and then 'privacy'. Set Firefox to 'use adjusted settings for history'. To activate cookies, tick the cookies from the websites you want to accept. To deactivate cookies, simply remove the tick. Firefox also offers you the possibility to deactivate third party cookies. You can also set how long you want the different cookies to be kept on your computer. By clicking on 'display cookies', you can remove one or more cookies.

  Safari. Open your browser. In Safari, cookie management is limited to a single screen. Click on 'privacy' in the tab 'preferences'. This gives you three options for the acceptance of cookies. You can also remove cookies via 'remove all website details'.

  Opera. Open your browser. Click on the menu 'extra' and then on 'preferences'. Set your cookie settings via 'advanced' and 'cookies'. There is also an option to automatically remove new cookies whenever you close an internet session. There is a further option to decide about acceptance or denial of every new cookie sent to your computer. You can do this by clicking on 'ask me for the acceptance of cookies', as a result of which a dialogue window will appear on your screen every time a site wants to upload a cookie.

5. Amendments
5.1. STUYTS ACCOUNTING & TAX reserves the right to amend this Cookie Declaration at all times. It is your responsibility as User to ensure that you regularly familiarize yourself with the Cookie Declaration currently applicable each time you make use of the Website. This Cookie Declaration was last amended and revised in March 2017.